Make Hotel Reservations Today at Aspen Inn Hotel, Cedar Rapids, IA

Are you ready for an affordable hotel room and a comfortable stay? Reserve a room at the Aspen Inn Hotel in Cedar Rapids today: 319-363-9999

Aspen Inn Hotel Affordable Hotel Room Rates

We offer affordable hotel rooms with style. The room rates below include FREE Wi-Fi Internet access, mini-fridge refrigerator in your room, microwave, and Cable TV (including HBO). Call today for current rates. Are room types as follows:

Singles Hotel Rooms (1 Queen Bed) Maximum of 2 people.

Double Hotel Rooms (2 Queen Beds) Maximum of 4 people.

Extended Stay Hotel Room Rates (7-day stays)

We have further discounted rates for a minimum stay of 7 days which can be applied to either a single or double hotel room.

To reserve a room at the Aspen Inn Hotel in Cedar Rapids please call us at 319-363-9999
If you have questions about our hotel, please call or email us at: 319-363-9999 or

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